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About Book

MNEMONICS IN DENTISTRY is the only e-book available on the market which is an excellent learning resource and a must for all dental students. The book provides over 200 pages of mnemonics covering an extensive number of subjects within the dental curriculum and provides a simple ‘aide memoire’ so that you’ll never forget those important facts. No one will know better than dental students themselves just how much material there is to remember for their examinations, and all those who have anything less than a perfect photographic memory will find this book invaluable during their revision. The information is presented in a highly readable and enjoyable manner. This book is useful for exam revision and the author uses humor to make the witty mnemonics particularly easy to remember. The book is set in a very user friendly, flip page book style format and small key points to elaborate on certain facts. Currently the book is only available as e-digital book and have been asked why a hard copy is not available and our simple answer is that in this economic climate students don’t have a lot of spare cash and making the book available in a digital format keeps the cost down.

Selient Features of Book:


James Final Year Dental Student

Plenty of mnemonics which I find very helpful with remembering long lists, wide range of subjects, very handy. Very useful for finals revision. Many thanks for writing it!!! James Final Year Dental Student

David Dental Student

Amazing mnemonics covering a wide a range of subjects

Super book wish it was written sooner Higly Recommended